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Selling on Amazon

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Why selling on amazon is worth it

Bob Hooey, Idea Man, once said ''If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will''.

We personally find a lot of truth around this quote. Especially when selling your products to the most dominant online store in existence today – Amazon.

The fundamental decision most eCommerce businesses may have to make is whether to continue selling only on their own website or expand their reach by starting to sell on Amazon as well.

Customers often pick marketplaces when looking for something specific or just out of boredom because they have a better product selection and tons of customer reviews from all around the world.

This means, that if you are already selling on Amazon, you need to stand out not only with your product quality and brand image behind but also with small details like well written product description, high-profile images, authenticity and more.

Amazon focuses on products, not sellers. As a result, you have less control over your sales and brand presence because you must follow the platform's rules. As an outcome, you have few options for increasing your brand's visibility.

With SCIENCIA, you can manage your e-Commerce sales more efficiently and in one place while getting an overview of your sales as well as third-party resellers. While you concentrate on the insights provided by us to improve your strategy and enhance your Amazon approach, SCIENCIA can ease your life and save you hours of effort monitoring data and manual work. You will also be able to tell whether someone is selling counterfeit or unlicensed versions of your goods.

Below you can get a small peak of our product and one of our features - …....

Why Amazon?

Whatever the current state of their business, any online vendor can find success on Amazon. In fact, you should consider selling on if you're serious about eCommerce.

According to Semrush, Amazon received 4.01 billion visits as of July 2022. More than 353 million products are available on the platform, where all items sold by independent sellers are included.


That is why, whether you are about to start selling your brand's products on Amazon or are already there, you must optimize and monitor the performance of your portfolio. In order to do so, you must have accurate real-time data insights to implement various Marketplace Strategies, which we can provide you with just the click of your mouse. SCIENCIA SaaS Suite analyzes the market intelligence data and optimizes based on the defined Vendor strategies.

Why selling on Amazon is worth it:

  1. Reaching millions of customers

Every month, over 197 million people around the world use their devices to visit, according to Bigcommerce.

  1. Low starting investment

Amazon's listing fees are reasonable, and as an individual seller, you will not be charged until you sell something. After you're ready to compete, a Professional Seller account is only $39.99 per month.

  1. Take Advantage of Amazon's Reputation

These millions of people that we have mentioned above, would not be there if they didn't trust Amazon.

  1. Great shipping with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

This is a service in which you send your inventory to Amazon, and they pick, pack, and ship your products directly from their warehouse.

Not only does this relieve you of the packing and shipping burden, but it also allows you to offer Prime shipping to the 65 million Amazon Prime members, who spend more than four times as much as non-Prime shoppers.

We can help you monitor your product portfolio on Amazon, once you get started.

for a short call, so that we can together evaluate whether your Amazon sales can benefit from our solution. After the conversation, we will provide you with a free analysis of your product's performance on a selected marketplace (,, etc).

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