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Why do you need SCIENCIA?

Nowadays, consumers are more likely to shop on a website like Amazon rather than yours because the product selection is greater and there are numerous reviews from people all over the world to assist in their decision. 


Customers are increasingly turning to platforms like Amazon to shop online (Amazon has 300 million active users as of 2022), and it is important for e-Commerce businesses to have a strong presence. 
SCIENCIA can help you get an overview of your and third-party sales of your company's products and manage your sales more efficiently. This can save you hours of work and allow you to focus on using the insights provided by us to improve both your products and Amazon strategy. 

How are brand sales on e-Commerce affected by the market downturn

Image by Christian Wiediger


  • Implement different Marketplace Strategies (e.g., market share/revenue growth, higher profit margins/EBIT,…)

  • Monitor your active and potential Marketplaces and be able to enforce Marketplace Channel Compliance.

  • Business case calculations and forecasts for new Marketplace markets and Marketplace Business models (PAN-EU, NAFTA, Vendor vs. Seller model)


  • SCIENCIA SaaS Suite analyzes the market intelligence data and optimizes based on the defined Vendor strategies.

  • SCIENCIA Tasks Navigator suggests assortment and sales improvements and Sciencia workers can automatically execute routine tasks


  • Based on continuous Market Intelligence, Sciencia can react on market changes and movements daily

  • Professional software suite with automated and transparent processes which can be connected to customer ERP and BI platforms

  • SCIENCIA self-learning optimization AI

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