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Business Impact Calculator

SCIENCIA Business Impact Manager automatically identifies revenue growth potential based on your current product portfolio and SCIENCIA Amazon Analytics. Based on data-driven decisions and optimizations, the revenue and profitability of your e-commerce business can be systematically increased.

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Real-time Business Impact

The customizable SCIENCAI Business Impact Table provides real-time insights into your company's operations by analyzing both measured data and product information. The resulting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantified for your specific business case, allowing you to prioritize next steps based on business value.
Say farewell to intuition-based decisions as you pinpoint areas for improvement based on hard data and actionable recommendations.

Business Value Tracking

Based on your actions, we track the increase in business value (realized revenue). You can easily see the growth from your starting point to your maximum revenue potential. The positive impact is clear at first glance.

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Data-Driven Decision Making and Enhanced Market Insights

To further understand and analyze the positive business impact, key KPIs for your automatically calculated business case are tracked in a trend analysis. As a bonus, enjoy enhanced Amazon market insights with features such as price erosion analysis, shopping cart optimization, and automated top competitor analysis. Understand market dynamics, compare prices, and gain a sharper competitive edge.

And many more features...

Gain Valuable Insights with Business Calculator Trends

Our Amazon software's Business Calculator Trends feature gives a quick view of your key metrics over time. Easily track KPI trends, and revenue changes, and assess the impact of your strategies.

Swiftly identify positive or negative KPI trends. Monitor revenue shifts based on past values and gauge strategy impact on realized revenue.

Track vital stats like Potential Revenue Growth, Revenue Improvement Potential, Prevented Lost Revenue, and Realized Revenue. Make informed decisions, drive growth, and optimize Amazon operations with our concise Business Calculator Trends feature.

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